About Us

Superway Aquarium first opened in 1973. The owner Moon Yee a entrepreneur opened the shop as a sudgestion of his father-inlaw. Mr, Yee didn't have any experiance with keeping aquarium fish. As time went on coustomers helped him gain knowledge as well as books. After some time the clientell grew to apresiate the small shop and it's owner. In 1983 the shop had the misfortune of a robery wich led to a fire. This didn't stop Moon, he rebuilt what was lost and bounced back. many good years would follow. In 2011 Moon retired.

In 2014 Rick Sloop an employee of Moon's for a total of 17 years acquired Superway. Starting with Moon in 1986, Rick quickly new he liked the aquarium hobby and business. Now with a year in the shop of his own Rick is happy to see faces of old and new, and is wanting to help you with all your aquatic needs. Thank you for stopping by!!